How to Leverage The New Moon In The New Year


January 2nd marks the first New Moon in the New Year, and if you’re an executive, an entrepreneur, or a thought leader, you’re going to want to leverage this Capricorn + New Moon energy to create order and map out your plan to success for 2022!

If you’re not familiar with how to leverage the New Moon’s energy for your business, here’s what we have going on in the Moonshine office to get prepared for the year ahead!


There are 4 areas we like to focus on clearing come New Moon time: physical, technical, mental, spiritual.

  • Physical
    Clear your physical environment. Clear off your desk, dust and vacuum, go through drawers, and get organized. Throw away or donate the things you no longer need or use to leave your workspace feeling fresh.
  • Technical
    Just like your desk, your desktop and file folder structures need some purging too. This is an excellent time to make sure computer backups are running, establish or refine your file folder structures, purge the cache and browser history, and empty your computer trash to keep your digital workspace running efficiently as well.
  • Mental
    Much like purging the cache from your computer to keep things running smoothly, purging the cache from your mind works all the same! Meditation is great for clearing the mind, but not always the first best step when your thoughts are on overload. So how DO you get everything that’s running around in that brain of yours out of your head? The answer…put it to paper. Keep a brain dump journal at your desk where you can set the timer and write down your stream of consciousness for 5-10 minutes. What you write will most like sound like the musings of someone gone mad, but when you’re done the cache will be cleared and you’ll have the mental clarity you need to start planning for the new year ahead.
  • Spiritual
    Plants are excellent tools for cleansing negative energy from ourselves and our workspace. You can saine (or burn using the smoke to cleanse), sustainably sourced palo santo, sage, rosemary, lavender (or other indigenous plants to your region), to rid the space and your aura of negative/stale energies. If your office is like ours, and has a sprinkler system, burning plants and herbs in the building may be a VERY BAD IDEA! As an alternative grab a diffuser and load it up with sustainably sourced essential oils. We particularly love Rose Oil and Clary Sage for our New Moon clearing. Don’t have a diffuser, no problem. We love making Moon Mists! Simply mix a few drops of clary sage oil, rose oil and water in a glass spray bottle. Leave the bottle on your windowsill and outside under the New Moon and Full Moon to charge it.
Set Clear Goals & Intentions

The first New Moon of the New Year is a great time to clarify your vision so you can identify goals and intentions for your life and business. Although goals and intentions are two very different things, you need to focus on both to be truly successful.

So, what’s the difference between a goal and an intention?

  • Goals
    A goal is something you want to accomplish, a destination you want to reach, a milestone, or an achievement that you want to make happen in the future.
  • Intentions
    Intentions are all about how you want to be in the present moment, and how you want to conduct your business each day.
  • How They Work Together
    If you’re only focused on goals, then your success and happiness in business is strictly based on “when you’ve reached the goal”, which means you’re miserable up until you get there. Not a very productive mindset, right?

    That’s where the intentions come in, they keep you in a consistent daily mindset that allows you to be capable of reaching your goals.

The beauty of this pairing is that when your intentions are in alignment with your goals you can enjoy the ride just as much as reaching the destination! Jot down your goals and intentions on a piece of paper, or in your journal.


Once you’ve set your goals and intentions, try them on to see how they feel using a visualization mediation. Start by visualizing your perfect day, from when you open your eyes first thing in the morning to when you end your day. How do your intentions fit into your perfect day? What conversations, events, and feelings come up while you are living intentionally in your perfect day? Do this for each of your intentions. Then start visualizing what it will be like to reach each of your goals. What will the moment look and feel like when you reach each one. What things will happen when you reach them, what conversations will you have and what feelings will come up for you? Try your best to experience each of your senses in each visualization

Bring It Into Reality

When you are done visualizing your perfect day, it’s time to bring it into reality.

  • Write down all the details in your journal
  • Create a Vision Board
  • Make a Power Point Presentation
  • Mind Map
  • Write Your Strategic Plan
  • Revisit your Brand Strategy & Marketing Plan to Align

Find the visualization I love languages of your choosing from the list above to bring your vision from something in your head into something tangible. This is a critical step for manifesting the year ahead that you desire!

Actionize Your Calendar

List every action you need to take to reach your goal and decide on a deadline for when you want to reach it. Map out your Goal Deadline on your Annual Calendar and your Goal Actions on your daily calendar.

List the way you need to act, feel and be to live every day in alignment with your intentions. Create “Daily Affirmations” based on this insight. Sit comfortably and quietly. Breath in the affirmations and exhale what no longer serves you in mediation for at least 10-20 minutes on the New Moon and include these daily affirmations somewhere in your daily calendar, on your mirror, or in your journal so you can read them out loud daily as a reminder throughout the year!


Utilizing the New Moon’s energy at the beginning of the year will supercharge your plans and kickstart your efforts for the months ahead. Remember to use each New Moon cycle as a reminder and a tool to continuously optimize your vision for the growth of your business as well.

Happy New Year!