5 Ways To Find Your Soul Brand!


So you already own a business or are starting to launch one, and you just can’t seem to land on a look or a solid message that feels right. How do people create these amazing brands that speak to their audience on that soul level?

Soul branding, authentic marketing, on-purpose positioning, whatever name you want to give it, stems from laying a solid brand foundation for your business. In this post, I’ll break down the branding basics so you can form deeper and longer-lasting connections with your clients.

5 Ways To Find Your Soul Brand!


The heart and soul of your brand is how you show up for YOUR PEOPLE to fulfill YOUR PURPOSE.

In my business, I’m all over the map! One day I’m on a photoshoot; the next, I’m coding a website, and then I’m running a branding workshop.

The one thing that remains the same is my passion for helping inspired entrepreneurs find their authentic message and show up looking their very best in their business, no matter the medium! My work feels like play EVERY DAY!! My clients are the BOMB.COM, and I sometimes have to pinch myself because I can’t believe this is the reality I’ve created for myself.

Don’t get me wrong, we all have our bad days, and it certainly wasn’t like this when I started out. Quite frankly, starting a business can feel like you have a million balloon strings pulling you in different directions. You have so many big ideas and lengthy “To Do” lists that it’s hard to decide which balloon will help you lift off. Getting clear on your brand’s heart and soul is like grabbing all the strings and tying them together in a nice bunch ready to celebrate!

Moonshine Soul Brand Diagram


Alright, are your sleeves rolled up? Let’s get down to business with the 5 keys to creating your soul brand:

1. Describe What You Do With The Difference You Make

Getting clear about the products and services you offer your clients is essential, but really digging in and understanding their impact on your clients’ lives is what connects. Describe what you do in the form of the difference you make. Clarify the real benefits your services offer and describe your products and services in a way that communicates the difference you will make in the lives of your customers. Get creative and name your products and services using adjectives that describe the benefits and outcomes your clients will experience.

2. Get To Know Yourself As Your Brand

The business you are building is your legacy and the impact you will leave on the world. Defining your brand’s purpose, personality, and core values is a melting pot of your past experiences and who you aspire to become. It’s important you choose what feels right, truthful, and real to you as the CEO because speaking from that authentic place will come naturally to you! Get clear on your brand’s personality, purpose, and values. To do this…

    • Ask friends and family members to describe your personality.
    • Think about how you want your clients to describe your brand’s personality.
    • Ask yourself what values and mantras drive you personally and in your business.
    • Look to your past experiences, successes, and failures to discover why helping your clients is so important to you.

3. Make What You Say, And How You Say It, Matter

Create messaging that aligns the tone of your message to your brand’s personality and values. When you’re talking and writing mirrors your brand’s personality, it will connect more authentically with your clients. Making sure the messaging you put out there on the internet and in your communications is “on brand” is also made easier by using your core values as your checkpoint as well.

4. Show Up “On Brand” Everywhere

How your brand shows up for your clients visually is equally as important. Making sure your brand’s colors, fonts, and icons all mirror the personality, industry, and values are crucial to communicating to your customers what your brand is about quickly. Consumers pass subconscious judgment within 90 seconds or so of visually experiencing your brand (#judgy). You never know what, when, and where your customer’s first brand experience will be, so make for darn certain that every visual brand experience is a consistent one!

5. Get To Know Your Clients & How They Dream

We all know about the demographic data of our client base. I’m talking about age, gender, marital status, net income, purchasing behavior, occupation, blah, blah, blah. You need to DIG DEEPER into the psychographic data. Comparing demographics to psychographics is like comparing a networking buddy to a 20+ year friendship where you know their whole family, you’ve vacationed together, you’ve been through hell and back together, and would drop everything in a moment’s notice for each other. Psychographics is like that 20+ year friendship where you know their deepest secrets and fears and their biggest hopes and dreams. You need to get to know your clients on this level. Get inside their heads and understand the journey they’re on. When you get to know your clients on this level, you can easily communicate how your brand fits into their lives more genuinely in their language.


Your soul brand is the guiding force behind your business’s marketing strategy, sales efforts, and culture. Pull these 5 elements together for a soul brand that feels so authentically good that your customers won’t be able to resist working with you!

If you find yourself struggling to find your voice on social media, having an identity crisis in your photos, or feeling like your website doesn’t communicate the real value your soul brand has to offer, let’s have a conversation on a discovery call! Click here to fill out the form and choose a time directly on my calendar.

Happy Soul Branding!