7 Tricks To Conquer Your Fear Of Starting A Business


Do you dream of starting your own business, but have a ton of fears around the concept that are holding you back?

Are you afraid that you won’t be able to make enough money on your own, be able to find any clients, that you have what it takes to run a business? Maybe you worry that you don’t know enough or are responsible enough to work for yourself?

If so, I’m here to tell you that I’ve been there, and I’ve got some pointers for you on how conquer your fear of starting a business and get into launch mode!

My Personal Experience with Fear Before Starting my Business

Fear is such a downer when it comes to the entrepreneurial spirit, and gets a hold of all of us from time to time.

My last big bout with fear was when I was working a high-pressure sales job. As a creative, I wasn’t designing as much as I used to, I was traveling a SHIT TON all over the country, working loads of overtime, and partying my butt off when I got home.

My health was at an all time low from letting loose when I got back and eating like crap when I traveled. BUT, I was making KILLER money, had benefits and lived in a condo on the beach. Let me tell you, big money + long hours + high pressure + poor health STILL turned into BURNOUT, and I was MISERABLE.

Despite my knowing that job and lifestyle was not good for me, I was too AFRAID to make a change. I was so scared of making the wrong decision and going backwards in my career that I stayed put for 6 long years.

I was afraid to start my own business because I knew it would be a huge pay cut starting out, and two of the other business start-ups I tried didn’t work out. I asked myself “What if I’m not a good enough designer anymore and too far behind on the new tech to catch up?”, “What if I just don’t have what it takes to run a business?”.

Yep, BIG TIME FEAR all up in my head!

Finally I hit an all time low. I was told by my doctor that my stress levels were so high that the odds of me ever getting pregnant were slim if I didn’t make some drastic lifestyle changes. My husband and I hadn’t planned on having kids right away, but we certainly didn’t want it taken off the table. So, I quit for a low paying sales job for a tiny web design agency. I thought, anything would better than my current situation…

And a few months later we got pregnant!

Shortly after that, I discovered the company I was now working for had some major ethical issues. I thought, maybe this can be fixed, so I spoke my mind, in what I thought was a constructive way…

AND THEN…I was fired on the spot!

First time ever in my life! So there I was 6 months pregnant and no job. Who the HELL was going to hire a preggo 3 months away from popping?

At this point, I had no time for fear. Being afraid wasn’t an option, because I didn’t have a CHOICE! The decision was made for me, and the very next day I made a few phone calls and sold my first website. That same week I joined a networking group and picked up a few more clients…and so Moonshine Creative Group began!

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and love every bit of what I do! I’m making the same amount of money now as I was at my cushy high-pressure job, and I have the freedom of making my own schedule, and can spend loads of time with my family!

My only regret is not believing in myself sooner, and letting fear hold me back.

So, Here’s The Deal…

If we act like we don’t have “fear” as a choice, we can get ourselves into start-up mode ASAP!

BUT, if your situation doesn’t give you the “gift” of not having a choice, you can use that fear to create a start-up checklist of things you need to do. For example, if we’re afraid you can’t cut it at the accounting and tax side of the business, put it on your list to hire a company to help, take a class on bookkeeping, do what it takes to get over that fear and out of your own way!


Here are my top 7 fear busting techniques to get over yourself and start a business…

I’m Afraid I Can’t Make Enough Money Working For Myself

Money Map your plan out! Ask yourself these questions and do the math…

  • What is your sales goal in dollars aka how much do you want your business to make?
  • How many products / services do you need to sell to make that much money?
  • How much time does it take you to make or create your product or service?
  • How much will it cost to make your product / service at the quantity and speed to reach your goal?

Once you decide on a GOAL you can reverse engineer it to see what goes into making that money! I use this method all the time when packaging new products and services. It helps me see which parts of the business need my attention the most to meet my revenue goals.

I’m Afraid I Don’t Know Enough About Running A Business

No one knows everything, but there are experts in every field available to you. For example, if you don’t know book keeping, take a class, watch some You Tube Videos, talk to friends who own and run their own businesses on what they suggest. Learn enough to understand the concept and align yourself with experts! I personally suck with accounting and bookkeeping and it’s mostly because I don’t like doing it. I now have 3 CPAs, (I call them my financial board), and I pick one of them each year to do my taxes. My hubby is also on the payroll now doing the day-to-day bookkeeping so I can stay focused on the stuff I’m great at!

I’m Afraid I Will Let My Family Down By Leaving My Job

I just want to be clear, I’m not encouraging anyone to quit their jobs here. That is absolutely the opposite of what I’m doing. I am encouraging you to live and work your best life! Sometimes that means quitting your job and leaping head first into starting a business, and other times it’s a slower more gradual process that happens in side hustle format.

Either way, if you’re miserable at your job, like I was, you are already letting your family down by suffering and not following through on your true calling and starting something of your own. YIKES, right!?!?!

So what does this look like? Maybe switching benefits packages over to your partners, or researching the cost of individual insurance. Developing a brand and launching website before you quit. Money Mapping out a plan to launch your business, doing the research and forecasting numbers on what you need to bring in for sales each month to supplement your income.

In other words, figure out the best path to stop yourself from being the old “unhappy employee” and develop your roadmap to starting the “happy entrepreneur” you! Your family will thank you! I promise!

I’m Afraid I Won’t Be Responsible Enough to Work On My Business Everyday

This one was a big fear and struggle of mine when I started out. I would wake up whenever and just start working. Some days I didn’t get out of my pajamas, and I would take naps or get side tracked with laundry. This wasn’t the type of business I wanted to build, so I started a schedule for myself and fit in a little commute. I woke up at 7am, got dressed went to a coffee shop around the corner, where I would work on their wifi for 6 hours plus. As much as I despised a morning commute from past jobs, this one was much needed. I could let go of the “house stuff” in my brain and turn on the “creative work” AND get a little coffee buzz too! Eventually, I found an office space only seven minutes from my house, and I happily commute there everyday now.

Setting a schedule to habit is HELLA important. People with great eating habits and exercise habits stay healthy. The same goes for entrepreneurs, those with great scheduling habits and business habits stay successful!

I’m Afraid I’ll Use The Slow Times As Play Time

Another tough one you could run into is when things are just getting started and work is slow.

It’s easy to go to lunch with a friend or college and see it turn into happy hour when you don’t have a lot of projects coming in.

Setting a schedule and filling that work schedule, especially when you’re slow, is crazy important.

Make a list of backlog projects that would help you grow the business when things are slow.

Here are a few ideas of backlog projects to keep on hand for your slow days.

  • Blogging a few weeks/months ahead of the game
  • Emails & Newsletters a few weeks / months ahead of the game
  • Social Media Posts, Videos, and New Ideas – schedule a month or two out
  • Podcasting – create a few scripts and recordings
  • Video Blogging – Video yourself recapping your blogs or doing training
  • Creating “How To Guides” to streamline workflows in your office
  • Research New Opportunities to grown the business
  • Attend more Networking Events and Business Social Functions than usual

When you’re caught up with your backlog, THEN go reward yourself with some playtime.

I’m Afraid I Won’t Find Enough Clients or Know How to Market Myself

There are a few fears nested into this one…

  • Am I tech enough to market my business?
  • What if I can’t write an email that sounds good or I can’t design a social media meme?
  • What if I don’t know how to build an email list?

RELAX! Remember, there are experts out there you can hire, or you can take a class, get a mentor, research, watch YouTube, read books, etc. There are a million directions to get help with this, but if you do the work the sales will come!

My biggest piece of marketing advice is to niche your client base and BE WHERE THEY ARE!

Keep in mind, your prospects aren’t necessarily looking for you, and they may not need your services yet, but at least you will meet the right people and get to know your audience better by hanging with them! Here’s how to hang with your prospects…

  • Join groups on social media
  • Attend networking events
  • Attend Social and Industry Functions
  • Start building an email list of the people you meet, (with permission of course), and start communicating with them regularly.
  • Make phone calls to set up coffees and lunches and ask them about the products and services they need.

Spending time with and getting input from your prospects is the best way to market a business, develop relationships and get sales when you’re starting out.

I’m Afraid I’m Just Not Good Enough to Start a Business

Everyone…I mean EVERYONE, is afraid of this!

The media/social media has shown us these Photoshopped personas of perfection for so long that we fear being ourselves. We become afraid to launch our business because see others out there and think they are better.

This is so far from the truth because each and every one of us has something “different” and “unique” to offer, and so do our businesses! It’s all about defining our “Unique Offers” and holding confidence in ourselves. Blah, blah, blah…I know, I’m sure you’ve all heard this before, so here are some ways to regain confidence in your talents and start “Feeling Good Enough”…

  • First grab a pen a paper, and write at the top “I’m A Bad Ass Because…”
  • Write down a few things you love about yourself.
  • Write down your top strengths – things you are good at.
  • What natural talents have you had your whole life?
  • What projects or accomplishments are you most proud of recently?
  • What do people typically complement you on?
  • By starting your own business what benefit would your clients receive by working with you? What transformation would they receive? What impact would your business make on them?

I’m sure you’re feeling much better after making your “Bad Ass” list and hope this gives you a nice boost of confidence for the day! I make these lists often and it’s like tapping into an invisible credit line of confidence when you’re starting something new!


Let me know how these techniques worked for you and what you thought of the post in the comments below!

Cheers y’all and thanks for reading!